Christina WächterArt and Fashion Design


Windows - thresholds, borders, dimensions. Unapproachable, in between. Digitalisation. Fully included in times of a monotory everyday life at home. Exits from and entrances into isolation. A place or an object, which gained significance for myself during the pandemic years. Is there more than meets the eye? What is there to be observed, not only with the sight.
My translation of these questions into a fashion collection unfolded during the winter month of 2021/22, in my bachelor's semester. The research and work process included photography, sewing, textile painting and writing. All components are united within the unique clothing items of the collection.


written in autumn 2021

These pictures are extracts from my portfolio, find the original photographs on Diep's instagram @diepi_diep

Model: Alina Cramer | instagram; alinchen_cc
Photographer: Diep Nguyen Wegener | instagram: diepi_diep
Hair and Make-up: Jovana Marjanovíc